Western Balkans is our playground. Breath-taking natural beauty, diverse landscapes, easily accessible locations, modern venues, and the best local service you can get. Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, or Montenegro?

Locations Slovenia

Why Slovenia

Slovenia is very well connected to international airports and it is an ideal location for small, medium, and big-size meetings and conferences. Service-oriented approach, efficiency, security, and stability are just a few of its assets. Relocation between venues is easy and short (walking distances in cities). Slovenia’s perfect mixture of Mediterranean and Alpine culture makes it a true culinary jewel. English is widely spoken everywhere in the country and we can guarantee to connect you with our trustworthy local suppliers and partners.

Ljubljana, the European Green Capital of 2016, is green in the fullest meaning of the word. The city breaths sustainability, while more than 60% of Slovenia’s territory is covered in forest. Ljubljana is a candidate for the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture 2025. We work closely with the Slovenian Convention Bureau, Ljubljana Convention Bureau, and the Municipality of Ljubljana.

  • Main conference locations: Ljubljana, Portorož, and Bled
  • Main airports: Ljubljana (also Zagreb, Trieste, Venice, Graz, and Klagenfurt)
  • Conference capacity: 2,200 in Ljubljana, 1,100 in Portorož, 500 in Bled
Croatia,  INK conferences

Why Croatia

1,246 islands on the Mediterranean coast invite with pleasant climate and great connections with cities around Europe. The historic cities of Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar boast amazing venue options for any group size and style, from traditional to modern, and they all offer a nice getaway to Croatian islands. The Croatian capital Zagreb offers plenty of accommodation and congress possibilities that will make your conference delegates feel like home. Local high-quality services, professional attitude of everyone in the MICE industry, splendid local cuisine, and Mediterranean vibes will bring your event to the next level.

  • Main conference locations: Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Split, and Šibenik
  • Main airports: Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split
  • Conference capacity: 1,850 in Zagreb, 1,200 in Dubrovnik, 1,500 in Šibenik, 1,200 in Split
Montenegro, locations, INK conferences

Why Montenegro

In recent years, the land of contrasts has been experiencing a boom in hotel and venue development. Due to its small size and a population of merely 630,000, Montenegro is easy to move around. Its main locations are the Podgorica municipality, the pearl of the Montenegrin coast Budva, and the luxury lifestyle destination of Portonovi. The natural beauties of Montenegro, interlacing the sea and the mountains make a perfect spot for conference side events: clear lakes, fast rivers, breath-taking mountains, 4 national parks and sandy beaches. The country also prides itself on 4 UNESCO heritage sites, rich culture, and the historic city of Kotor.

  • Main conference locations: Podgorica and Budva
  • Main airports: Podgorica, Tivat, and Dubrovnik 
  • Conference capacity: 780 in Budva, 430 in Podgorica
Bosnia, locations, INK conferences

Why Bosnia

The place where the East meets the West is located in South-Eastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula and it offers affordable prices for conference organizers. Rich historical attractions and vibrant cultural events are the heart and soul of Sarajevo, the capital city, which offers plenty of opportunities for winter sports in the winter, while its mild climate is great for exploration activities during the rest of the year. Besides Sarajevo, Mostar is another Bosnian cultural hub, with the world-known 16th century old bridge, nearby forested mountains, medieval towns, abandoned ruins, street art, and authentic, friendly locals, welcoming you with a smile on every step.

  • Main conference locations: Sarajevo and Mostar
  • Main airports: Sarajevo and Dubrovnik
  • Conference capacity: 1,200 in Sarajevo, 700 in Mostar
Serbia, locations, INK conferences

Why Serbia

Location, connectivity (35 international carriers), and affordable prices are just a few of the reasons to choose Serbia for your next congress or conference. The capital Belgrade is the centre of business and cultural life, offering interesting opportunities for small, medium, or large events with world-class conference facilities. Events can also be hosted in Novi Sad – a friendly city in Vojvodina, or Subotica – an Art Nouveau city. For side events, Serbia is rich with mountains, spas, ethnic complexes and sublime local cuisine, while you will feel the openness of the local people and positive vibes everywhere you go.

  • Main conference locations: Belgrade and Novi Sad
  • Main airports: Belgrade
  • Conference capacity: 3,000 in Belgrade, 4,000 in Novi Sad

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, international conferences that were planned to be held in Slovenia are rescheduled or cancelled. Ink Conferences is in line with the changes in the industry and providing PCO services for virtual conferences as well.

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